Our Approach

Our Commitment

Cabinetcraft is a full-service cabinetry manufacturing and design firm, with a 35-year history serving the custom design-build market. The Cabinetcraft team is committed to providing quality craftsmanship and innovative styling options for a truly custom fit in every home to ensure world-class results and, most importantly, satisfied homeowners.

Our Commitment | Cabinetcraft Custom Cabinetry

Our Design Studio

Cabinetcraft’s in-house professional Design Team has more than 60 years combined experience to deliver the high quality custom fit that’s right for every home. Let the team guide you through our refined selection process to perfect every aspect of cabinetry design. Then, our local Atlanta-based team will design, build, deliver and install your cabinetry solutions in one easy, streamlined experience.

Our Design Studio | Cabinetcraft Custom Cabinetry

Our Technology

Cabinetcraft combines local convenience with state-of-the-art manufacturing to offer custom solutions for all of your cabinetry needs. Each project is individually crafted to meet the unique design intent. Leading technology creates a precise final fit, completed with a multi-coat finish. Cabinetcraft cabinetry is assembled by hand, and inspected through multiple quality checks to ensure only the highest quality cabinets are delivered.

Our Technology | Cabinetcraft Custom Cabinetry

Our Facilities

Cabinetcraft’s Atlanta-based manufacturing facility is home to a highly trained and specialized team that handles each cabinet with a white glove mentality. We know that custom cabinetry requires a hands-on approach to achieve the highest quality craftsmanship and ensure a consistently excellent fit and finish – and ultimately a great value.

Our Facilities | Cabinetcraft Custom Cabinetry